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A monument lost and found several times since Mariette: The Brussels mastaba finally located?

Aude Gräzer Ohara

Since 1906, the funerary chapel of Neferirtenef (E.2465) is the centrepiece of the Old Kingdom section at the Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels. Although the circumstances of its acquisition and its clearing at North Saqqara by Jean Capart during the Winter of 1905-1906 are well known, the exact location of the mastaba to which it belonged–a monument that was originally discovered by Auguste Mariette in the middle of the 19th century–remained obscure for a long time. The analysis of a new set of written and photographic archives, exhumed at the RMAH within the scope of the research project SURA, helped to resume the investigation and to position the mastaba of Neferirtenef on the Saqqara map again.

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